The Woodlands Water Restrictions

The Woodlands announces new water restrictions effective August 11, 2011

What do the new water restrictions mean for your landscape? For well established landscapes, those 3 years or older, the odd/even cycle as defined by The Woodlands Township for stage 3 restrictions will not be the death blow to your landscape. Landscape lawns will brown but not lost.  Some smaller plants such as annual color will be extremely stressed and may be lost. Large plant material will survive. Each property owner is going to have to be their own irrigation controller in our current conditions. My recommendation is to walk your property daily and provide direct watering via a garden hose directly to the stressed plant material. How much water? That depends, but the plants will generally tell you.  The goal here is to keep your investment alive while not wasting water. Therefore, don't leave water running at a trickle and walk away. It is to easy to get distracted and leave water running with the trickle method.

The water restrictions for new landscapes are a completely different animal. For our clients with new landscapes we are working closely with each of them to navigate the current conditions on a project by project basis. If you have a new landscape and are not getting assistance with results from your landscaper please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our contact page. We will be happy to help.

Moving forward water restrictions are likely to increase. In this event I would concentrate my irrigation efforts on landscape plants and the most sunny areas and let your lawn brown out, it will come back, and less mowing will be required ! I was told by a client just yesterday that the farmers almanac indicated that we are in year 3 of a 7 year drought. I have not done the research to substantiate this as fact, but could you imagine 4 more years of summers like 2011? True or not,  it just doesn't make sense not to design and install landscapes that are less dependant on water.

Through design we have been implementing Houston xeriscape techniques on all of our projects for years.  Whether your project is a renovation or new construction, contact the landscape architects at E.L.I. land design to schedule a free initial consultation to get a better understanding on how xeriscape techniques and technology can be implemented on your project.

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