Lap pools, swimming pools, dipping pools, diving pools, infinity edge pools, lounge pools, zero entry pools and in the end a pool is just a pool without the environment around it.  At ELI land design we make your pool a custom outdoor living space.  We want you to be able to utilize the square footage year round.  In the summer, we want your fingers and toes to prune up because you never want to leave your pool.   ELI’s staff has multiple years of experience working on high end resort design in the areas of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, The Bahamas and even Dubai designing some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  

No, we aren't pool contractors but we are the icing on their cake and so we work together with them to make sure that the design fits your needs for the long run.  Too many times we see a pool installed that is dull and lifeless or even worse built by a pool contractor that doesn't know what they are doing.  The pool contractor can make or break your entire design (and sanity) with shotty construction.  We've seen cities tied up in litigation for years due to going with the lowest bidder on a pool installation and the construction going so badly they have to redo the work completely (the pool literally popped out of the ground).  In other words at ELI we've worked with some amazingly talented pool contractors and some that, let’s just say, can really burn a hole through your budget.   This goes for all installations of any type of water feature on your property.  

ELI is a great resource when it comes to local Houston area pool contractors whether it is residential or commercial.  As we have found in the past working closely with the pool contractor at the conceptual level of design can insure that the pool not only compliments the home and its surroundings but can also be an outdoor entertainment space and a living painting -so to speak- to view from your doors and windows.   Take a look at our portfolios for a sampling of our local Houston area custom pool landscapes.

Below are our conceptual plans which we were commissioned to do for Hipp Pools, Inc out of The Woodlands, TX.  They offer their clients standard pool designs to help make a simple solution to custom pool.  Knowing your style or architecture and budget at the beginning and then with a few custom tweaks to your site this would be somewhat your solution.  Maybe not as simple as a #1 meal at a fast food joint but pretty simple for the home owner or developer who doesn't know much about design.

There is the standard contemporary design which incorporates levels and layers for height variations and visual interests plus allows for multiple water falls adding the sense of sound for a relaxing atmosphere.  The landscape for these is high design but very clean lines and a variety of different hardscape elements for interest. Utilizing a few unique plant species (drought tolerant and low maintenance) that have a lot of personality and textures can really speak volumes for this style.

The next is the natural or free form pool which uses rocks to border and create natural looking waterfalls as though you’d see in nature.  The hardscape elements are rounded and free-formed to seem as though they are a natural spring or a pond instead of a pool.  This one in particular has a rock diving board and is being utilized more for recreation than lounging.  The landscape surrounding a pool like this has color, color, color.  Using a variety of native species that bring in butterflies will create a wonderful garden instead of just a pool background.  As always the plantings specified are drought tolerant and low maintenance for the Houston area’s extreme weather conditions.  This backyard in particular was quite large but by reducing the overall space down creating multiple outdoor rooms helped give the yard a personalized feel.  Having these pockets of spaces makes an exciting use of the overall backyard and is perfect for entertaining guests.

Also shown is the Classical style which is a little sampling of what you would envision in the ancient Greek and Roman times.  Utilizing urns/pots for water features on the pool and adding columns and other architectural features to the pool tie it with this design style.  The landscape is somewhat simple but full of life and colors.  Most everything used will be a structural element and maintain a somewhat architectural look with minor pruning or maintenance.  Utilizing accent pots with flowering fruit trees is just what this garden needs to bring in the old world charm.  Notice again the use of spaces being broken out into separate rooms. This is a wonderful way to break up a monotonous hardscape and use the square footage instead of sodding it and seeing it go to waste.

Overall if you are planning a pool installation in the near future be sure to pick the right contractor for your job, budget for the entire outdoor space, and call ELI land design so we can give you an honest opinion about a cohesive design that will work best for your site.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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