For the love of Crape Myrtles...

As I’m driving around Houston I’m noticing the horrible landscape practices towards the crape myrtles.  They are such hardy trees that can survive through drought conditions, heavy rains, and even the hot-hot heat of a Texas summer, so why are we mistreating them so bad?  Commercial businesses, entries to neighborhoods, and residences are all guilty of hacking away at these beautiful trees.  I ran across this article online and thought it was a great one to pass along: Grumpy Gardner's Step by Step to Crape Myrtle Pruning. February is the best month for pruning so, please, if you have a crape myrtle don’t get caught in "crape murder!"  If you know someone who is guilty of hat-racking pass along the article to help them revive their crape myrtle and bring happiness to it for the summer of 2012- the crape myrtle will thank you for it.

If you have been guilty in the past and your crape myrtle is showing scars from past abuse scroll to the bottom of the article for tips on ways to save your crape and help it revive from your torturous ways.  There is still hope.  Enjoy and happy pruning.

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