Pool Landscape

When you are in the south, a pool is a must for those hot summer days.  Unfortunately, too many times we see pools that don’t fit the needs of the end user or that don’t look right with a home.  At E.L.I. land design we are experienced in working directly with a pool contractor to design a pool environment that is right for your project.  We want to work with you at the beginning stages of site design to determine your goals for the most optimal outdoor experience for your site.  Working together at the beginning will ensure a pool environment that can compliment your existing architecture's style, minimizing the removal of native trees that will provide necessary shade, maximize sun exposure, and provide multiple view corridors out to your pool so it can be enjoyed visually on cold, rainy days.  Whether it is a private residence or a full-scale resort we can create a lasting environment that will make your project the envy of all the neighbors.  

If you are in the Houston area, E.L.I. can do the site construction and work directly with the pool contractor during their pool installation to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.  E.L.I. can also help in your search for a pool contractor and recommend some incredible talent.  We also work with existing pools that are dull and lifeless.  A few renovations to the pool deck and surrounding landscape materials may be what it needs to bring life back to your outdoor environment.  Visit our portfolio for samples of our residential and resort work or contact us for a meeting to discuss your project needs.

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